Flywheel Chicago Reinvents the Wheel for Studio Cycling


I’m pretty picky when it comes to exercise.  I can’t quite keep up with dance classes, I spend yoga sessions thinking about everything that I need to do when I get home and you can only TurboKick so  many times in one week before the instructors start to think you’re stalking them. Enter: Flywheel Sports, the New York City-based indoor cycling sensation that arrived in Chicago’s Gold Coast last summer.

The 45-bike space is dedicated solely to indoor cycling, so if you’re an spin-aholic, you’ll swoon for the customized Schwinn bikes that allow riders to track their calories burned, resistance levels and revolutions per minute. If you thrive on a little friendly competition, you can race your classmates by following along on the TV monitor (dubbed a ”Torque Board”) that hangs in the front of the class. If you’re shy, you can opt out of this, but I tend to like it. Seeing my stats up on the screen does one of two things – motivates me to work out harder or makes me wish desperately that I had a more common first name.

The classes aren’t cheap – a single class will run you $25 (which is about the cost of a day pass at most city health clubs). If you’re a dedicated spinner, get rates as low as $20 by purchasing a 20-class pack. You can also choose from a variety of unlimited packages for six or twelve months that run anywhere from $160 per month to $4,390 per year. The cost might leave you with a little bit of sticker shock, but that price includes clip-in bike shoe rental, unlimited bottled water, clean towels and fresh fruit for post-class noshing.

The studio is a single room with amphitheater-style seating that gives every rider an unimpeded view of the instructor – no poles or mirrors in the way. My favorite part about Flywheel is that unlike most health clubs, which offer classes at peak hours for gymgoing, Flywheel offers classes throughout the day so you can squeeze in a workout whenever your schedule allows.

Flywheel Chicago, 710 N. State Street. For more information call 312-624-8485 or visit

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