Live Lit in Chicago: This Much Is True


Cropping up all over the city, live lit events seem to be taking over the backrooms of pubs, tables and chairs at coffee shops, and small theaters in their entirety. Without a doubt, Chicago enjoys a thriving live lit scene, with live first-person narrative and storytelling events happening almost every night of the week. This Much Is True has been a staple of the scene since 2009.


Like the club sandwich or The Rockettes, live lit hails from New York City. While living in Georgia, poet and novelist George Dawes Green developed a tradition of exchanging enthralling tales with friends whilst sitting on a porch at dusk. After moving to New York in 1997, he began recreating this experience with friends in his living room. As the event, termed “The Moth,” outgrew his living quarters, it moved to assorted cafes and bars throughout the city before making way to Chicago.

This Much Is True (TMIT) bills itself as “an intimate night of storytelling.” Co-host and producer Scott Whitehair says that TMIT’s audiences make the program unique from other live lit events. On the second Tuesday of every month, two of the TMIT’s organizers invite five special guests to join them on stage to share their stories. Past performers range from Jeff award-winning directors and distinguished journalists to self-proclaimed “armchair philosophers” and “testicle aficionados.”

April’s lineup includes Jim Padar, a retired Chicago Police officer; Cheryl Trykv, an award-winning stand-up performer; Rives Collins, a faculty member from Northwestern University; Dana Norris, a prominent blogger and Oba William King, a performer/educator who specializes in celebrating African American heritage and diversity.

To accommodate ever-growing audiences, the event will relocate this month to Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro. Though the venue has changed, the genuine and poignant stories shared by the performers remain the same. This much is certainly true.

This Much Is True, April 9th at 7:30PM Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro (upstairs lounge), 3905 North Lincoln Avenue. For more information visit online.

Image via Evan Hanover

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